Jimmy sits at the piano, wearing a rather fancy suit. He sweats as he waits for you to question him, but you suspect that's a common problem with his girth.\n\n[[What were you doing an hour ago?|jimmyalibi]]\n\n[[Who do you think did it?|jimmyblame]]\n\n[[Return|act3]]
You decide to check upstairs. \n\n<<if not visited("araielleroom")>>All of the doors seem to be locked except one - there's only one boarder in today, Araielle. You can check out [[her room|araielleroom]].<<else>>The only door available was the stranger's room, and you have investigated it already.<<endif>>\n[[Return|act2]]
Grabbing your pocketknife you jam it into the gap in the lid of the lock box and push. The lock strains against your invasion but you just push harder until it pops. You rifle through the contents. It’s mostly large bills any cashier would want locked away. There is too much here for anyone to have thought about robbery. This is a dead end.<<set $clue03 to 1>><<set $cluesfound +=1>>\n\n[[Return|bar]]
<<if $skill is "none">><<set $skill to "perception">><<endif>>\nYou are fairly certain that the body could have been compromised. The ground beneath him could yield more information than planted evidence.\n\nThere is torn clothing on the ground near Slim's body. This could indicate a scuffle. <<set $cluesfound +=1>><<set $clue02 to 1>>\n\n<<if $villain is "Trixie">>The ground is littered with glass. It's probably a fair guess to say that a bottle was the murder weapon. <<set $uniquecluefound to 1>><<set $cluesfound+=1>> <<endif>>\n<<if $villain is "Araielle">>Slim is holding a box in his hand - earrings, made of some sort of green stone.<<set $uniquecluefound to 1>> <<set $cluesfound +=1>> <<endif>>\n\n<<if visited("check the body")>>Big Jones taps you on the shoulder. "You should probably look over the [[rest of the saloon|act2]]. I hate to rush ya, but people are gonna start wanderin' in here soon."<<else>>After examining the scene, you look [[at the body|check the body]] for more clues.<<endif>>
<<print $villain>> protests <<if $villain is "Trixie" or $villain is "Josie" or $villain is "Araielle">>her<<else>>his<<endif>> innocence loudly as <<if $villain is "Trixie" or $villain is "Josie" or $villain is "Araielle">>she<<else>>he<<endif>> is taken away. It was a sad day for Ol' Toledo, but justice has been served!\n\nThe next day you return to work, the same as usual. Sheriff McCollum congratulates you on your skilled detective work!\n\nYou win!
She shifts uncomfortably. "I was in the employee's room, arranging the money. Slim always had a terrible way of money handlin'. But he really could run a bar, he... he..."\n\nShe sobs quietly.\n\n<<if $villain is "Josie" and $uniquecluefound is 1>>She is holding a rather large ring in her hand, unconsciously turning it as she wipes tears from her eyes.\n\n[[Whose ring is that??|josiecaught]]<<endif>>\n\n[[Return|josie]]
Ted looks like hell. He smells of alcohol, even from across the room. His unkempt black hair gets in his eyes as he tries to answer your questions. \n\n[[What were you doing an hour ago?|tedalibi]]\n\n[[Who do you think did it?|tedblame]]\n\n[[Return|act3]]
The scent of lavendar wafts in the air as she sits, primly, in her chair. She is obviously from out of town - her lace petticoat and gloves barely have a speck of dirt on them, and her hazel eyes belie a learned mind.\n\nShe speaks with a French accent. "How can I help you, officer?"\n\n[[What were you doing an hour ago?|araiellealibi]]\n\n[[Who do you think did it?|araielleblame]]\n\n[[Return|act3]]
"Just me - none of the rest are allowed in the back. Why do you ask?" Her pupils dialate as she glances around, avoiding eye contact.\n\nYou ask her about the missing bottle of alcohol.\n\n"Wh-whaddya mean? I'm the only one behind there, and if there was one missing, I'm sure it was someone else. Pro'bly Ted."\n\nShe fidgets with her hands - she's wearing gloves, but they look recently dried.\n\n[[Return|trixie]]
<<set $cluesfound to 0>>\s\n<<set $villain to either("Jimmy", "Ted","Josie", "Araielle", "Trixie")>>\s\n<<set $weaponfound to 0>>\s\n<<set $uniquecluefound to 0>>\s\n<<set $haskey to 0>>\s\n<<set $accused to "">>\s\n<<set $clue01 to 0>>\s\n<<set $clue02 to 0>>\s\n<<set $clue03 to 0>>\s\n<<set $clue04 to 0>>\s\n<<set $skill to "none">>\n\nWelcome to the Wild West - circa 1887. Here in Ruston City, the law is only as strong and as smart as the person representing it, and everyone's trying to get the most that they can without getting in trouble, or at least not getting caught.\n\nYou are the newest appointed deputy by the honorable Sheriff McCollum. After passing a short series of tests given to all potential deputies, you've been waiting for your first real break to prove your worth.\n\nThis opportunity comes when you're the only one on duty and Big Jones rolls in. He's the bouncer at __Ol' Toledo__, one of the classier saloons in Ruston City. Out of breath, he tells you to hurry to the saloon - there's been a [[murder]]!\n\n
"My jade ones, of course. My father got them from the Orient. Why do you ask?"\n\nYou point out that they were found at the scene of the crime. Her eyes go wide. "O-of course! I forgot that I had used them for barter with Slim. He must not have, um, placed them wherever he would... do that."\n\n[[Return|araielle]]
"If I were to point the finger at anyone, it'd be the drunkard," he said as he nodded his head towards Ted. "He's spying on the place at all hours - caught him going through our garbage in the alley, saying he knew what we all did or some such rot. I'd suspect him to be insane and thinking Slim said something about his mother or denied him his alcohol ration. At least Trixie's here because she's being paid. Ted? No idea."\n\n[[Return|jimmy]]
This story is a whodunit, set in the Wild West in the late 1800s! \n\nIt also features a random murderer each game, so if you miss some clues in one game you can always try again and go through the game again and try to get the right culprit.\n\nYou can Accuse someone of the crime at any time, but it helps to look at your Evidence first and see if you've found anything that might point out the correct murderer.\n\n[[Return|previous()]]
You have found <<print $cluesfound>> clues.\n\n<<if $clue01 is 1>>Slim was killed by blunt trauma to the back of the head.<<endif>>\n<<if $clue02 is 1>>Torn clothing found near Slim's body indicates a scuffle happened.<<endif>>\n<<if $clue03 is 1>>The metal lock box is still flush with cash - this was not a failed robbery.<<endif>>\n<<if $clue04 is 1>>There is a bottle missing from the bar.<<endif>>\n<<if $weaponfound is 1>>You have found <<if $villain is "Trixie">>a bottle of alcohol missing from the bar.<<else if $villain is "Ted">>a broken pool cue.<<else if $villain is "Jimmy">>a bloody mallet next to the piano.<<else if $villain is "Araielle">>a bloody cane underneath the upstairs bed.<<else if $villain is "Josie">>a rod from the employee room, covered in blood and hair.<<endif>><<endif>>\n<<if $uniquecluefound is 1>>You have found <<if $villain is "Trixie">>shards of glass near the body.<<else if $villain is "Ted">>a lone silver dollar.<<else if $villain is "Jimmy">>a single silver cufflink.<<else if $villain is "Araielle">>a set of jade ear rings, foreign to the area. <<else if $villain is "Josie">>that Slim was wearing a ring, but it's missing.<<endif>><<endif>>\n\n[[Return|previous()]]
Josie folds her arms, warily staring at you. Her blue eyes are bloodshot, presumably from crying - she was Slim's girlfriend, after all.\n\nShe is wearing a loose-fitting tan shirt and a matching dress. Her auburn hair was pulled back in a ponytail - obvious a woman who works for a living.\n\nHer voice cracks as she speaks as evenly as she can. "W-what happened to Slim, deputy? What happened to my man?"\n\n[[What were you doing an hour ago?|josiealibi]]\n\n[[Who do you think did it?|josieblame]]\n\n[[Return|act3]]
Trixie is the waitress and bartender of Ol' Toledo. She sits on one of the chairs from the tables, crossing and uncrossing her legs as she nurses a drink she poured herself.\n\n[[What were you doing an hour ago?|trixiealibi]]\n\n[[Who do you think did it?|trixieblame]]\n\n[[Return|act3]]
<<if $skill is "none">><<set $skill to "forensics">><<endif>>\nYou approach the body and kneel, checking for clues.\n\nThe entirety of the back of Slim's head is painted red with blood. As your finger gingerly touches the back of Slim's head, you feel an obvious divot - blunt trauma. <<set $cluesfound += 1>><<set $clue01 to 1>>\n\n<<if $villain is "Ted">>You notice a shiny coin in Slim's hand. Odd. <<set $uniquecluefound to 1>><<set $cluesfound += 1>><<endif>><<if $villain is "Jimmy">>Clutched in Slim's hand is a silver cufflink - perhaps the murderer's? <<set $uniquecluefound to 1>> <<set $cluesfound += 1>><<endif>><<if $villain is "Josie">>A close look at Slim's hands indicate an indentation on his right ring finger - he had a ring, and it's missing.<<set $uniquecluefound to 1>> <<set $cluesfound +=1>><<endif>>\n\n<<if visited("check around body")>>Big Jones taps you on the shoulder. "You should probably look over the [[rest of the saloon|act2]]. I hate to rush ya, but people are gonna start wanderin' in here soon."<<else>>After examining the body, you look [[around the body|check around body]] for more clues.<<endif>>
Her sobbing stops and she narrows her eyes at you. "This is my ring. MY ring. I gave it to Slim, and I got it back!"\n\nYou ask her if she means before or after his death.\n\n"B-before, of course. He... He was makin' eyes at that foreign girl."\n\n[[Return|josie]]
Ted scratches his scraggly chin for a few moments.\n\n"Ah reckon ah was in th' front, drinkin'. Thinkin' about shootin' pool tonight, hustlin' some of the kids fer money. They don't know nothin' about playin' good pool. Don't pay no attention to the details. Nobody watches the details, but Ted does. Yes he shaw does."\n<<if $villain is "Ted" and $weaponfound is 1>>[[You play a lot of pool?|tedcaught]]<<endif>>\n[[Return|ted]]
Ol' Toledo
Using the key, it slides smoothly into the lock. The deadbolt slides away easily as you turn the key. Inside are shelves with provisions, surrounding a small desk and a stool. Ledgers adorn the desk, along with a couple of quills and a closed vial of ink.\n\n<<if $villain is "Josie">>When you turn around to leave, you see a thick wooden rod hidden behind the door. Bits of hair and blood are on one end - the murder weapon?<<set foundweapon to 1>><<endif>>\n[[Return|act2]]
"I was in my room, monsieur. My family has business in this town for the railroad, and I am here to ensure certain contracts are handled. It is safest in my room - being someone from a more... civilized land can make one a target for ruffians."\n\nShe smirks. "No offense, of course."\n\n<<if $villain is "Araielle" and $uniquecluefound is 1>>You notice that she is not wearing earrings. [[What earrings do you wear?|araiellecaught]]<<endif>>\n\n[[Return|araielle]]
As you get off of the coach, you remember the rules that the sheriff dictated: you have one chance to bring in a suspect for the murder, so you have to get it right the first time. Once you feel like you have enough evidence, you will be able to make an __accusation__. \n\nYou push open the swinging doors to the Ol' Toledo. It looks like they were getting ready to open - the chairs are still up on the tables and none of the lights have been lit. The obvious thing out of place is the body of Slim Jim, the owner.\n\nHe is laying on his stomach, and his limbs are flopped awkwardly as his body lies motionless.\n\nBefore you do anything else, you look at [[the body|Act1]].
--Let the player undo moves? (on / off)\n--In Sugarcane, this enables the browser's back button.\n--In Jonah, this lets the player click links in previous\n--passages.\n\nUndo: off\n\n--Let the player use bookmarks? (on / off)\n--This enables the Bookmark links in Jonah and Sugarcane\n--(If the player can't undo, bookmarks are always disabled.)\n\nBookmark: on\n\n--Obfuscate the story's HTML source to prevent possible\n--spoilers? (swap / off)\n\nObfuscate: off\n\n--String of letter pairs to use for swap-style obfuscation\n\nObfuscateKey: rigvcoktxzspaymlnfqebdhuwj\n\n--Include the jQuery script library? (on / off)\n--Individual scripts may force this on by\n--containing the text 'requires jQuery'.\n\njQuery: off\n\n--Include the Modernizr script library? (on / off)\n--Individual scripts/stylesheets may force this on by\n--containing the text 'requires Modernizr'.\n\nModernizr: off\n
----\nWant to review what you've found?\n[[!!!@@color:blue;__Evidence__@@|Status]]\n----
From here you will either need to use your <<choice [[knowledge of forensics|check the body]]>> or your <<choice [[exceptional perception|check around body]]>>.
"Ah reckon it was the bartender girl." He hiccups a couple of times, rubbing his belly.\n\n"She's a mean 'un, and practically runs the joint. Pro'bly wants to cut out th' middle man an' finally inherit the place all to herself! A hateful, vile woman... Uh, but don't tell 'er I said that. I need ta drink tonight."\n\n[[Return|ted]]
"It was probably that damn foreign girl, what's her name, Araielle," she spits. "Never did trust her living here - told 'em to not give her room, but he's too damn nice for his own good."\n\nShe composes herself. "I'd also consider Ted, if I were you. He and Slim used to be in business a long time ago, but things changed. He could've went nuts and finally did the deed."\n\n[[Return|josie]]
This relatively bare room contains a well-used bed decorated with threadbare covers and a torn blanket. There is a small suitcase, securely locked. A name tag on the handle spells out "Josie MacLaughlin" in a lilting, curvy font.\n\n<<if $villain is "Araielle">>A handle sticks out from underneath the bed. It's a walking stick! There are dark red stains on the handle.\s <<set $weaponfound to 1>><<endif>>\n\nReturn to the [[upstairs]].
"Yeah, yeah I do. I'm good with a pool cue, y'know."\n\nHe fidgets more with his hands, picking splinters out of the cheap wool gloves he's wearing. They look like they could have been lacquered, like a pool cue.\n\n[[Return|ted]]
"My what?"\n\nHe pulls up his suit jacket and shows his arms. He is missing a cufflink. The existing one is silver.\n\n"H-heh, must have fallen off or something. Happens sometimes with these older cufflinks and such."\n\n[[Return|jimmy]]
"Jimmy, obviously. Ted's a stinking drunk, but Jimmy's the only one of us here who actually owes 'em money." She rubs her chin in thought. "Then again, Ted's been makin' an awful stink here lately. I still think it'd be Jimmy, tho. Stupid pianist only knows three songs."\n\n[[Return|trixie]]
The front room of the Saloon stinks of stale beer, strong alcohol, and vomit. It’s all fairly typical of the locale. As you scan the room for clues, you notice that the typical cleaning for the night has yet to take place.\n\n<<if $villain is "Ted">>There is a broken pool cue lying on the ground underneath a table. Could this be the murder weapon? <<set $weaponfound to 1>> <<endif>><<if $villain is "Jimmy">>There is a mallet laying near the piano. It looks like it may have blood on it, but it's rather old. <<set $weaponfound to 1>> <<endif>>\n\n[[Return|act2]]
"I had to get ready for tonight, after all. I have a ritual - wash, shave, finger exercises, sometimes singing. As the only honest worker here, I have a reputation to uphold."\n\nHe fidgets at his shirt sleeves.\n\n<<if $villain is "Jimmy" and $uniquecluefound is 1>>[[Can I see your cufflinks?|jimmycaught]]<<endif>>\n\n[[Return|jimmy]]
The bar area is much the same as the front room. It smells the same anyways. \n\n<<if $skill is "perception">>Checking behind the bar you find a [[small metal lockbox]]. You’re guessing it holds the till money for the night, but you’ll need to check it out anyway.<<endif>> \n\n<<if $haskey is 0>>There’s a key on the counter nearby and, after checking it, you note that it’s not the lockbox key. What’s it for? <<set $haskey to 1>> <<endif>>\n<<if $villain is "Trixie">>As you admire all the nice alcohol you can’t drink while on the job, you notice that there’s an expensive bottle of hooch missing. You can still see where it was sitting thanks to the dust buildup around the spot.<<set $clue04 to 1>> <<if $uniquecluefound is 1>>There was an awful lot of glass around the body. Who else would have ready access to the bar? <<set $weaponfound to 1>><<endif>><<endif>>\n[[Return|act2]]
You step away from the body to look at the rest of the saloon. \n\n<<if not visited("the front")>>It might be wise to examine the rest of [[the front]].<<endif>>\n\n<<if not visited("bar")>>The [[bar]] is also a potentially suspicious place.<<endif>>\n\n<<if not visited("employee room") and $haskey is 1>>You could also check out the [[employee room]].<<else if not visited("employee room")>>The employee's room is securely locked.<<endif>>\n\n<<if not visited("upstairs")>>You haven't looked at the [[upstairs]] yet.<<endif>>\n\n<<if visited() > 3>>You can [[interview|act3]] the suspects now, if you are done searching.<<endif>>
Who do we interview first?\n\nInterview [[Trixie, the waitress|trixie]] \nInterview [[Jimmy, the pianist|jimmy]]\nInterview [[Ted the drunk|ted]]\nInterview [[Josie, Slim's girlfriend|josie]]\nInterview [[Araielle, the stranger|araielle]]\n\n[[Accusation]]
"What I always do when I'm getting ready for work - counting the till and making sure the bar area's ready for the night. Cleanin' the front is the last thing - one of these other lugs end up tracking somethin' into my nice, clean area, so it don't make sense to keep cleanin'."\n<<if $villain is "Trixie" and $weaponfound is 1>>[[Who else has access to the bar?|trixiecaught]]<<endif>>\n[[Return|previous()]]
The three suspects are lined up and it is time for you to come to your decision. Who do you think it is?\n\n<<if $villain is "Trixie">>[[Trixie the bartender|win]]<<else>><<set $accused to "Trixie">>[[Trixie|lose]]<<endif>>\n<<if $villain is "Ted">>[[Ted the drunk|win]]<<else>><<set $accused to "Ted">>[[Ted|lose]]<<endif>>\n<<if $villain is "Jimmy">>[[Jimmy the pianist|win]]<<else>><<set $accused to "Jimmy">>[[Jimmy the pianist|lose]]<<endif>>\n<<if $villain is "Araielle">>[[Araielle the stranger|win]]<<else>><<set $accused to "Araielle">>[[Araielle the stranger|lose]]<<endif>>\n<<if $villain is "Josie">>[[Josie the girlfriend|win]]<<else>><<set $accused to "Josie">>[[Josie the girlfriend|lose]]<<endif>>\n[[Wait, nevermind.|previous()]]
She adjusts her petticoat before rubbing her chin thoughtfully.\n\n"I'll admit that I don't know many people here. I can say that Slim's mademoiselle was not thrilled about my presence. I do believe I heard him arguing with the pianist, earlier, but I do not know them well enough to accurately comment."\n\n[[Return|araielle]]
Your choice has been made. <<print $accused>> protests <<if $villain is "Trixie" or $villain is "Josie" or $villain is "Araielle">>her<<else>>his<<endif>> innocence over and over as the other deputies come along and take them away to jail for a long, long time. You enjoy one last drink before you head home for a well-deserved rest.\n\nAs you lay in bed that night, you wonder if you made the right decision. Your sleep comes quickly, though - too quickly. Your groggy head barely makes out the person on top of you before you feel the <<if $villain is "Trixie">>broken bottle shoved through your throat.<<else if $villain is "Ted">>pool cue pressed against your throat, choking the life out of you.<<else if $villain is "Jimmy">>mallet crush your skull in.<<else if $villain is "Araielle">>walking stick crush your windpipe.<<else if $villain is "Josie">>bloody rod pierce your throat, and you drown in your own blood.<<endif>>\n\nYour place is set ablaze, and you are cremated in your own house. Sadly, your adventure ends here.
Game Designer: \nMatt Fleming\nWriters: \nMatt Fleming, Keven Pirritano, Christopher Lapriola, Michael Hartshorn\nWritten for:\nFull Sail University\nWriting Workshop IV