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Matt Fleming is a writer and game designer who focuses on engaging narrative and story to entertain others.

He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University. He puts his education to work in the video game industry, where he has created content and written narrative for the likes of Electronic Arts and Trion Worlds. His work can be found in massively multiplayer games both classic (Ultima Online) and modern (Defiance).

When he’s not playing in other people’s worlds, he is creating his own. He is a writer for the webcomic Between Infinity, a science fiction noir story, and his short stories can be found published online in places like Bewildering Stories and Linguistic Erosion. He has also been known to run tabletop roleplaying games, stream gameplay online for all to see and attend the occasional comic book or anime convention.

Matt lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

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